5-Day Split

This is the lower/upper version of Booty by Bret which coach Kevin has been doing for the Facebook community since 2021. The program itself is overwhelmingly the same as the standard Booty by Bret split, but it splits the exercises into lower body and upper body days, and spread it across 5 mandatory training days.

Please note, this is NOT to be ran in addition to the standard Booty by Bret split, it is an alternate way of accumulating the volume, therefore, the results will be nearly identical. This still contains the A, B, and C options, and can be mix and matched just as you can with the standard BBB split.

The main reasons you’d want to choose to run Booty by Bret this way are:

- Personal preference (you have experience with lower/upper splits and find them more enjoyable)

- Time efficiency (the lower/upper days should be a bit shorter than the standard split, and you don’t need to warmup quite as much)

- You respond better to slightly higher volume (there is about a 10% increase in training volume for lower body since there’s more time throughout the week spent training)


Additionally, you can either do the glute days at the end of days 1 & 5, or 2 & 4, or skip them over when they aren’t mandatory.