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What equipment do I need?

The Booty by Bret program can be completed with little to no equipment. Each month we will outline three options, choose which option best suits you and the equipment you have access to:

Option A: Fully equipped gym

Choose this option if you have access to a fully equipped commercial or home gym.

Option B: Dumbbells and bands

This is a great option if you only have access to limited equipment.

Option C: No equipment at all

Booty by Bret can still be performed with no equipment, for this option we will mainly utilize bodyweight exercises.

Glute Workouts

While the Glute Workouts are usually optional, some months Bret will advise that they are mandatory. In most instances, you will be required to use a Glute Loop or another mini band for these workouts.

Booty By Bret members achieve amazing results utilizing either option A, B or C. However, option A (a fully equipped commercial or home gym) provides the greatest potential for long term progression. You may choose different options per exercise based on your available equipment, but we still always suggest primarily opting for option A where possible. If A is not possible then opt for option B. If B is not possible then opt for option C.

This degree of flexibility is offered so you can still make progress with the equipment you have, and is also sometimes utilized by members who find a particular option uncomfortable, painful or otherwise impractical.

Some members choose to build up their equipment over time, starting with bands and gradually adding more items.

If you’re choosing option A programming, the following equipment is required:

  1. Power rack or squat stands.
  2. Adjustable bench.
  3. Barbell with plates and collars.
  4. Dumbbells.
  5. Squat sponge.
  6. Chin up bar.
  7. Glute Loop or another mini band.
  8. Place to hip thrust (bench, aerobics steps, Glute Bench, Thruster, etc.).
  9. Balance pad (for kneeling and Nordic Ham Curls).

These are common pieces of equipment and you should be able to find them in most fitness facilities. For further information you can also contact customer support or post your questions in our Facebook support community. You may also wish to purchase from BC Strength, the official product range for Booty By Bret.

Booty By Bret members receive 10% off any purchases made through BC Strength. Once you have activated your account, simply navigate to the Dashboard and click on the appropriate link for your region. You will be redirected to the correct website and have your unique discount code auto-applied to your cart.