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Once you have activated your account you'll be able to find any general program information can be found on your Member Dashboard. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions as well as important information about the current workout cycle.

The Booty By Bret programming requires that you have access to the following pieces of equipment:

  1. Power rack or squat stands.
  2. Adjustable bench.
  3. Barbell with plates and collars. You can purchase the Hip Thruster Bars here (currently only available in the US/Canada).
  4. Dumbbells.
  5. Squat sponge.
  6. Chin up bar.
  7. Glute loop. You can purchase the Glute Loop here.
  8. Place to hip thrust (bench, aerobics steps, Hip Thruster, etc.). You can purchase the Hip Thruster or the Thruster Bench here.
  9. Balance pad (for kneeling and Nordic Ham Curls).
These are common and you should be able to find them in most fitness facilities. We have included direct links to sites where you can purchase our recommended equipment. For further information you can also contact customer support or post your questions in our Facebook support community.